What We Ate in Thailand: A Gallery of Tasty Food

“Sara, how would you describe Thai food?”
“I don’t know… Spicy, flavourful, noodley.”
The food of Thailand can be hearty, soothing, tongue numbing, surprising, colourful, heavenly. It’s usually delicious. Sometimes disgusting. Often cheap. Here are some of the dishes we tried.

Pad Thai. Probably the most well known Thai dish, and for good reason -- it's yummy!

Pad See Ew. Broad rice noodles in soy sauce with garlic, chicken, and vegetables.
Fried Chicken on a stick. Can't go wrong with that.
Dessert -- a deep fried pastry with icing.
Khao Sawy at the night market in Bangkok. Also known as Chang Mai noodles. Curry with chicken, noodles and topped with deep fried noodles. Noodley!
Khanom Buang is a crispy pancake usually filled with sweet shreds of coconut and some cream or meringue.
Ryan enjoys a drink that was described as "Iced Milk Tea".
Hoi Tod is a deep fried mess of mussels and bean sprouts.
This is actually a Chinese dish that was ordered in Thailand. It's sliced pig stomach in a sour soup stock. If Ryan had a bigger vocabulary he wouldn't have ordered something called Pig Maw.
File this one under the gross category. It's sausage filled with rice (and a minute amount of pork, supposedly). It didn't help that it was cold. The majority of it went to the stray dogs.
Deep fried tofu. A great snack served with sweet and sour sauce.
At a stall in Mae Hong Son, crab fried rice. They claim to do it better than anyone else. Best crab fried rice I've ever had.
A stir fry with deep fried wonton skins in it.
Sometimes beer and chips are all you need.
Chili fish sauce is a staple for every Thai table. A spoonful of this will turn any dish into a spicy utopia.
An Indian style curry in Chiang Mai.
A delicious concoction of vegetables and pork.
Sweet and sour pork with rice.
Minced pork with Shan spices. A Burmese dish that we can't remember the name of.
Rose apples on the train.
Chinese style roast pork. There is a lot of Chinese influence in Thailand's food.
Pineapple fried rice. Personally, I think pineapple is the greatest fruit that has ever touched my lips. Thailand has freshly grown pineapple for sale on practically every street corner.
How could this possibly taste bad?
This was spicy. So spicy that it burned away the memory of what it was called.
I wish I knew what this was called but all I can remember is that it was delightful.