Mae Hong Son, Thailand: On the Myanmar border

Nong Jong Kham (Lake), Mae Hong Son
Nong Jong Kham Lake, Mae Hong Son
Getting to Mae Hong Son from Soppong was pretty painful. There is a local bus that runs from Chiang Mai through Soppong on to MHS. This bus was supposed to arrive at 11:30am. We waited in the roasting sun in the middle of the Soppong Tuesday market, and when the bus finally arrived at 2pm it was packed. We bailed and took a minibus that left at 2:30pm for 150B/$4.90.

I guess you could say that MHS is more livable than visitable. The town is set around a lake and surrounded by mountains: very picturesque.

Wat Chong Klang
Nong Jong Kham Lake with Wat Chong Klang in the distance
The highlight of the town is Wat Jong Klang and Wat Jong Kham, which sit side-by-side on the river. Wat Jong Klang also had an interesting museum and an addictive method of encouraging visitors to give donations.

It was a good opportunity to relax and enjoy life in a far-flung Thai town.

10 Observations in 10 Minutes at a Typical Thai Intersection

10 Observations in 10 Minutes at a Thailand Intersection

At night we walked the relatively large night market and found a roti lady who made killer banana and chocolate roti. We had Pad Thai at the lakeside. They had small tables set up by the lake, so we took our shoes off and sat cross-legged and enjoyed the view.

Our next stop is Pai!