Pak Chong and Khao Yai National Park, Thailand

Pak Chong is easily reached by bus (108B/$3.50) from Bangkok‘s Mo Chit Terminal (Northern & Northeastern Terminal).
Khao Yai is our first foray into Thai wildlife. We stayed at Bobby’s Apartment which was a great place to stay. We didn’t have a reservation, but when we got off the bus a local woman asked us where we were staying and called Bobby’s from a public phone. In 10 minutes Mike came and picked us up and made us feel at home. We had some of the best food we’d had in Thailand there. I highly recommend the red curry.

We bought the one day tour to Khao Yai for 1300B/$42 and it was well worth it. Our guide was great. He was so passionate and knowledgeable about the flora and fauna and he was constantly scanning the tree line to catch a glimpse of the animals. When he spotted something, he would set up his telescope so we could have a close up look at the wildlife and even helped us get some great photographs. Towards the end of the day we were lucky enough to see a wild elephant. It was fantastic.

A Search For Wild Elephants

Khao Yai National Park: A Search for Wild Elephants

Next we are off to see Phanom Rung Historical Park.