Laos New Year: Water, Water Everywhere and Lots of Beer to Drink.

Every year the people of Laos take three days off of work and get crazy. Water is used to clean homes, wash Buddha statues, and completely soak each other.

Sara and I didn’t know exactly what to expect on the first day. We soon found out it was a celebration where you had to let yourself go.

Laos New Year: Day 1

The second day of celebration is known as the “day of no day” because it falls between the old year and the new year. We were hung over from the night before and decided that we’d avoid the water. That turned out to be more difficult than we thought it’d be.

Laos New Year: Day 2

Day three is the official start of the new year. What better way to ring it in than by having a few beers and laughing at people as they get sprayed in the face with water. But all that laughing will come back to haunt you in a Buddhist country where karma runs wild.

Laos New Year: Day 3

For more information about Vientiane, Laos’ capital.

After a brutal soaking to end all soakings we decided to go to Vietnam via a Savannakhet to Hue bus.