11 Poorly Worded Signs in Southeast Asia That Will Make you Laugh

funny food Cambodia
The paper sauce sounds good but I’m in the mood for buttock tonight.

Pai, Thailand sleeping dogs funny sign
I think this wat has a designated area for passing out drunk.
Vietnam menu rat
Wait… that’s not funny! Let’s go find a McDonald’s.
Coop grocery store Vietnam
Where’s the aisle for water that hasn’t been swallowed?
crap soup Vietnam menu
This soup tastes like shit.
funny rules in Laos
Excuse me, is it okay if I hang up this poster of me naked over the breakfast table?
funny sign in Thai bar
But I came to Pai, Thailand to get away from rules.
lawyer sign Pai Thailand
Is the lawyer a unicorn or does he only handle cases that involve unicorns?
Pai Thailand pluck
What the pluck?
Accident a head
I think they mean “ahead” but I couldn’t find any accident.
cock Indian food bill
I don’t remember eating that.