GeniusFlight tells you where you can afford to fly

The most expensive part of traveling is often the flight. You can save money on accommodations by sleeping in a hostel. Food is made cheaper by subsisting on bread and squeeze cheese for a few days (trust me). Expensive tourist attractions can often be avoided and traded in for a much cheaper beer-and-people-watching session, but unfortunately there is no way around the cost of a flight. Sure you can fly with a budget airline, but you are still paying a pretty penny and finding deals isn’t an easy task. Until now! Da da dunnnn. GeniusFlight allows you to put in your starting airport, your budget, and your travel dates and they will tell you where you can afford to fly. Of course, living in Canada means my options are limited, but for someone in London, England this is laughing manically and rubbing your hands together worthy.

I put my budget in: €150, my departure date: 54 days from now usually gets you the best deals, my return date, and finally “London, England”. Send.

genius flight screencap

On the right, they list the countries. Click on a country and it zooms into the map and shows you the country’s options. Latvia for €61? Sounds good to me. FlightGenius is powered by Skyscanner so it’ll show you an iframe of their site and then, when you select your flight, you’ll be redirected to the site where they found the deal. It’s not always 100% accurate, but it sure beats manually searching every potential city.

Let us know in the comments if you used it or if you have any other tips for seeking out cheap flights.