VIDEO: Mui Ne, Vietnam – Let’s Rock This Sh!t

Mui Ne, Vietnam | Mũi Né, Việt Nam

If you’re in Saigon and you need a break from the ‘beep’ or the ‘beeep beeeep!’, then a trip to Mui Ne is my suggestion to you. It’s a cheap bus ride from the backpacker district and there are plenty of hotels and resort where you can sit by the pool or the ocean and just relax. There’s also a few sights to see around the area. We rented a scooter and cruised around, stopping to see the amazing Fairy Stream. The seafood in Mui Ne is great. We spent far too much time throwing entire once-living creatures down our gullets. For lots more information about traveling to Mui Ne on the cheap, check out my guide to Mui Ne, Vietnam.


Ryan: Hey, check me out I’m in Mui Ne… Mui neh? Mui Ne. I think. It’s a small little town about 5 hours from Saigon. We are celebrating 1 year in Vietnam today. We’re going to go out, enjoy the day, see a few sights, relax by the pool, go for a dip in the ocean. It’s Mui Ne, the resort town. Yeah, let’s rock this shit.

Narration: It’s easy to get lazy in Mui Ne. Resorts are reasonably priced and relaxing. But heading out to explore will certainly be worth the effort.

Ryan: How many streams must a man walk down, before you call him a fairy? You got an answer for that question?
Sara: One.
Ryan: One, if it’s the fairy stream. Which is where we are! This is pretty cool. It’s a stream that runs to the ocean, but it’s quite beautiful, and so soft on the feet, you can walk it, and it’s only up to your ankles. Let’s see what she’s got.
Ryan: Is that fake? How did she make that?
Sara: I don’t know. It’s layers of sand.

Ryan: Pretty cool stuff.

Ryan: We’re just cruising along the coast here. Look at all this. All that on the ground, all the way to that curve — it’s fish drying in the sun. Little tiny fish. That’s a lot of little fish.

Narration: There are a lot of little surprises like this in Mui Ne. Don’t be afraid to get off of the main drag. We drove this route, which only took about an hour and offered some great views.
When you get hungry, the best place to stop is at one of the bo ke restaurants that sit right on the ocean. Pick the busiest one and get ready for tasty seafood.

Seafood lady: Very big.
Ryan: Yeah, very, very big.
Seafood lady: 650,000 for 1 kilo.

Narration: You can order from the tanks, or peruse the menu.

Ryan: Look at that tamarind, nice and sweet, garlic, and of course they eat the shrimp with the shells on here. Some of that cilantro, shrimp, squid, tentacles. 40,000 for that. That’s like 2 bucks.

Narration: In Vietnam, the beaches are liveliest at sunset. The beautiful light reflecting off the powerful ocean makes you feel alive. Like you can conquer the world, or at least travel it.