GALLERY: Inle Lake, Myanmar

Inle Lake Photos

We arrived in Myanmar late at night. We flew into Yangon and then immediately transferred to Heho where we took a taxi to Nyaung Shwe, the town that acts as the jumping off point for Inle Lake. It was dark when we arrived. We had no idea what beauty surrounded us as we slept that night.

In the morning, I looked out the window and immediately knew that Myanmar was going to be amazing for photography. The hazy mist that hovered over shining golden stupas, the light that cut through the cool air — it was magical… And we couldn’t even see the lake from where we were. I hate saying “a photographer’s dream”, but the Inle Lake area turned out to be just that. Myanmar, in general, has amazing light. Unfortunately, that comes from a polarizing filter that’s made up of smoke from the burning that people tend to do in the mornings and late afternoons. Another point about the light in Myanmar: people seek it, at least in the winter months. It gets a bit chilly, so people will sit in the sun and soak in all those rays. Coming from the southern half of Vietnam, where if you sit in the sun you fry, this was a big deal for me and my trusty camera.

Please stay tuned for more Myanmar including posts about traveling there, some editorial stuff, and some great videos. Sara and I are both recovering from what we’ve deemed the Burma death flu. When I’m feeling better, content will be flying your way. Until then, enjoy the photos (best viewed by clicking the first one and sliding through them).