GALLERY: Sexy Taipei, Taiwan

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Our Adventures in Taipei, Taiwan through Photos

Taipei has many faces. It’s green and lush, but turn a corner and it looks a bit grungy. Most of the buildings you’ll see are worn down and roughed up, but then you get a peak at an amazing piece of architecture like the Taipei 101 building. The majority of your “Kodak moments” involve people — and there are a lot of them (people, not “Kodak moments”) in Taipei. At night, you’ll get a variety of lights and colors. During the day, the sun can be a bit shy. It tends to hide behind a cloud of pollution, but it lays out a nice even light.
Street food stall in Taipei, Taiwan

Street food in Taipei

Taiwanese people heading out for dinner

Cash City -- a restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan

Chinese lanterns

Taipei, Taiwan alley at night

Taipei, Taiwan apartment door with many mailboxes

Walking lane in Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei 101's mid-section

Taipei 101 in Taiwan

AND1 Basketball store in Taipei, Taiwan

Night market in Taipei, Taiwan

Downtown Taipei at night

Ubike station at night in Taipei, Taiwan

Burning money for Lunar New Year

Street snacks in Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan Democracy Memorial Park

Huge apartment building in Taipei, Taiwan

Dumpling makers in Din Tai Fung

Running track along the Keelung River in Taipei, Taiwan

Colourful night scene in Taipei, Taiwan

Cool traditional building in Taipei, Taiwan