Taipei, Taiwan’s Metro System is Better than Yours

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Taipei Metro System

Taipei, Taiwan's Metro System is Better than Yours

The Taipei Metro system is the Mercedes of public transit systems. It’s quite modern – coming into operation in 1996 and being updated almost constantly. The stations and trains are spotless.

In the video, I search for garbage and am only able to find a speck of litter. Food and drinks aren’t allowed, so I guess that helps cut down on the stains and sticky floors that you get with other mass rapid transit systems. There is also an outstanding amount of organization and efficiency. With 5 lines, and 108 stations, the MRT system covers almost the entire city, including parts of New Taipei. All stations are handicap accessible, have wifi, and mobile phones can be used even in the deepest tunnels. There are many stations that have been decorated with art installations. LCD TVs show arrival times and information/tips for riding. It sees approximately 1.78 million passengers per day. Ticket prices range from a very reasonable NT$20 (60 cents) to NT$65 for the longest possible trip. The system continues to expand, with the next line opening this year which will connect the international airport.

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