Qingyang Palace // This is Chengdu, China

Qingyang Palace: Chengdu’s Taoist Temple

Qingyang Palace | This is Chengdu, China

The Taoist religion goes back – way way back. No one really knows for sure when it was created, but it’s thought to have developed from prehistoric folk religions in China. Worldwide it isn’t that popular, but in China about 30% of people practice the religion.

Qingyang Palace, Chengdu, China
Originally constructed in the 800s, Qingyang Palace has since been rebuilt and added to. The name means Black Goat, named after the bronze goat statues that can be found outside of Sanqing Hall. It’s the largest and oldest Taoist temple in Chengdu, and is well known throughout western China.

Qingyang Palace is my first Taoist temple, so I can’t compare it to other ones, but we enjoyed every minute of our hour-long walk though the grounds. There is also a vegetarian restaurant and a tea house on the grounds.

Location: Just west of Tianfu Square. Take the metro to Tonghuimen station and head down Qintai Road until the Culture Park entrance on the right. Cut through the park, keeping left, and watching for signs to the temple. It’s in the most-westerly part of the park.

Hours: 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM

Entrance fee: 10 RMB

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