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Exploring Vietnam

Articles, Tips, Everything you Need to Know about Visiting Vietnam

I consider myself well-versed in Vietnam. I lived there for years, and I’ve traveled to almost every corner of the country. I love (most of) Vietnam. Of course, it’s not for everyone. But the people who love it have a connection to the country that they just can’t shake.

Anthony Bourdain called it his “first love”. Saying, “I’ll come back to Vietnam, always.”

The amazing war film Apocalypse Now has a line about being stationed in Vietnam, “When I was here, I wanted to be there; when I was there, all I could think about was getting back…”

In a lot of ways, this is Vietnam. There are plenty of frustrations that come with living and visiting the country, but it’s truly a magical place, an addictive place. The vibrations it gives off is like a high that you didn’t notice needed until it was gone.

Budget Guide to Vietnam

Phu Quoc, Vietnam
This backpacking guide to Vietnam covers 22 locations in Vietnam and shows you how you can travel the entire country for $20 a day. It took years of traveling to complete this detailed travel guide.

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Vietnamese Food Guide

Soups in Vietnam that aren't pho - mi quang
When I first moved to Vietnam, I started documenting everything I ate. Two years later, I had this complete food guide to Vietnam with over 75 dishes. It includes a food dictionary that will help you translate a Vietnamese menu.

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