Drinking Beer in Myanmar

Eating and Drinking at a Myanmar Beer Garden

Drinking beer in Myanmar usually happens at a beer garden. The Burmese head there when the sun goes down, ordering draft beers and BBQ or fried foods. The atmosphere is exciting. People are happy and sociable. Cigarette girls come around trying to sell packs of smokes. Kissing noises are heard, but only to attract the waiters. Premier League football is often playing on the TV, with the Burmese locals cheering on their favorite English team.
beer garden - drinking beer in myanmar
An empty beer garden midday.

Of course, these places usually have more men than women in them, but more recently there has been a greater number of women enjoying this social experience. Apparently, the government has been a little concerned about this, and there has been rumors about them setting up zones where women can’t buy alcohol. Let’s hope this ridiculously unfair sexism doesn’t come to pass, because drinking beer in Myanmar is better when everyone is invited.

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